Why you should not send their children to The British International School in Ukraine

Why you should not send their children to The British International School in Ukraine

“Private school is a place where students are given the usual “public” knowledge, but their parents amuse their ego and put a tick next to the points “to learn of the child in elite school” and “high in front of friends with a cheque for education” – an information resource bigmir.net published an article in which he analyzed the responses of parents regarding the level of education in a private school.

Parents say that the only advantage of studying in British School is a certificate, which gives you the opportunity to enroll in European universities. As for the other items – high-quality mastering them is possible only due to additional sessions with Tutors.

Significant in this case is an example of one family who, disillusioned with the British School and making sure that the promised education to British standards the child will not get decided to transfer it to the state ( sic!) school – “When translated son of the British in common, had many subjects to hire Tutors, and there were excellent”.

From the students the problems in the British School curriculum sound more eloquent. In General, they can be described in a phrase of one of the existing high school students: “this school will not be forced to learn – the main thing to pay money”.

There we are talking about complete indifference as faculty and administration to the success of their students. In contrast to the external attributes – matching the elite status of the institution and the desire to attract within its walls, children “prestigious” parents – this aspect is given a meager amount of attention.

Moreover – British School , it turns out, so do not worry for the education of their students to teach “British programme” invites teachers from Canada, Ireland, North Africa, etc. it is Symbolic that parents who care about education only the school’s elite class, have nothing against it.